Full Disclosure and Transparency open house Oct 12th

Dear Membership, In the interest of honesty, full disclosure and transparency, this Friday, October 12, we’d like to open the doors to the DSA Hall to all members who’d like answers to any questions you may have about DSA business. Hours will be from 1700 hours to 2100 hours or until we're done. This will be informal. No lawyers, just us. The bar will be open and pizza delivered. There will be members of the Board there who would very much like t...
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Response to Doug Knittel’s Rebuttal - Please Review

Dear Members, In an effort to simplify the disbursement of information, we’ve attached a link to a PDF of the Response to Doug Knittel’s Rebuttal directly to this email.Click Below to View Document - https://alamedadsa.com/images/articles/Response_to_Doug_Knittels_Rebuttal.pdfThe supporting documents to this report can be found in members documents, under the “Letters to Membership” folder of the Alamedadsa.com website. We will send a few mo...
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Police Week - Honoring Our Fallen

135 of our brothers and sisters paid the price last year. They died knowing they stood for something greater than oneself. They came from departments large and small, rich and poor, of virtually every race, color and creed. However, far greater than any of their own individual characteristics, are the collective qualities they and each of you share; Honor, Loyalty, Commitment, Courage and a Selfless unspoken promise to those with whom you don the...
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Mastagni Holstedt, A.P.C. announces we are expanding their Southern California Presence

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Mastagni Holstedt, A.P.C. is pleased to announce that Howard A. Liberman has joined the firm’s Labor and Employment Practice, as the Los Angeles Office Managing Attorney. Howard has been practicing law since 1992 and began his legal career in the United States Navy as a member of the Judge advocate General’s Corps.  He served on active duty for five years as a defense attorney, prosecutor and Assistant Staff Judge Advocate to the two-star ad...
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