Join the San Jose Earthquakes for First Responder's Night! 3/3/2018

Fire Fighters vs. Police  Soccer Match after – Stay and cheer as the Fire Fighters get their butt kicked!!Discounted Tickets20 tickets Scarf / 40 tickets – a pair of free ticketsHat Included in the price!LINK BELOW:
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CLEA Scholarship Info

For additional info, please go to the events/flyers section of the members only forum.Application deadline is Apri 2, 2018
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DSA Election Reminder-One week

Surveys have been sent to your personal email address on file. The survey has FIVE questions and MUST be completed in order for your vote to be tallied. If someone in your unit or network has not voted and would like to, please have them contact Nicole at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide their name, personal email and phone number. An email will be sent to them confirming enrollment and a survey will follow in 24-48 hours. The election ...
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2017 DSA Election Info

November 15. 2017

DSA Members,

Your vote counts! Please note that voting began on 11/13/2017 at 1700hrs and will end 12/13/2017 at 1700hrs.

This year's vote includes:

1) President

2) Director At Large (2 positions)

3) Three By Law deletions

To ensure proper polling and anonymity, surveys have been emailed to your personal email address by a third party. If you have not received an email with the survey, please check your spam folder or search for an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as you must launch the survey from your email account. Weekly reminders will go out to those that have not voted. If you opted out of emails from SurveyMonkey or MailChimp, you will not receive the survey based on the opt out function of those databases. In total, we have identified a few members in that situation and we will provide instructions to those impacted. Biographies were submitted by three candidates and are located within the survey. For your convenience, you may review them below or under the elcection document section of the member only forum.

We appreciate your patience and participation and look forward to serving your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicole via phone or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. her normal business hours are M-F 0830-1700hrs and can assist after authenticating you as a member. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day, returning Monday 11/27/2017.


Tom Matheny-President

It has been an honor to serve as your DSA President for the last three years. I am running for re-election because now, more than ever before, you deserve an experienced and proven leader as president.The evening news is filled nightly with stories of unprecedented attacks on our profession, our wages, and our pensions. I am the only candidate running for president who has worked tirelessly to defend our profession, wages, and pensions from these baseless and unfounded attacks.In addition to my three years as your DSA president, I have also served over ten years on the DSA’s Executive Board. Unlike others running for president, I’m not going to make empty promises about what I might do for the membership. Instead, I’m going to highlight a few of my recent accomplishments:

  • Negotiated our current contract – making us the highest paid deputy sheriffs in the nation
  • Prevailed in multiple grievances – resulting in over $300,000 in back wages for our members
  • Established POST certified classes and training – free for DSA members
  • Doubled our CTO bank – eliminating the Sheriff’s ability to restrict accrual

Re-elect me and I will continue to fight for the honor of our profession; I will continue to fight to increase our salary and benefits package; I will continue to fight to protect our pensions.Re-elect me, and I will continue to fight for all of us.

Thank you & God bless,


Steve Lenthe-Director at Large

I am Steve Lenthe, a sergeant for the Sheriff’s Office, currently assigned to The Santa Rita Jail and I am running for re-election to the DSA Board of Directors as a Member At Large. I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read this quick bio about me. I have been with the Sheriff's Office since July of 1989.  During that time I have been assigned to The Santa Rita Jail, the courts, Summit Medical Center, ETS (Eden Township Substation), ACNTF (Alameda County Narcotics Task Force), an Investigator in the ETS SIU (Special Investigation Unit) and the TVS (Tri-Valley Substation). When on these assignments I had several other duties. While assigned to ETS, I was a Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Firearms instructor.  All of these assignments have taught me the valuable skill of knowing when to be diplomatic and when to be autocratic in my decision making.  It has also taught me to pick my battles. The DSA was the perfect fit to continue to apply these skills that I have honed and developed throughout the 28 years working for this organization. During my time with the Sheriff’s Office, I was also the Vice President of the John Monego Scholarship Fund. I held this position for ten years with honor and pride. Our primary goal was to provide at least four scholarships a year to Alameda County high school seniors who were seeking an education in Law Enforcement or Fire Life Science.During the past 28 years, I have seen our organization go from deputies being called "Pig Farmers" to this organization considered the best in California, if not the nation. I have seen deputies laid off, I have even been handed a notice of being potentially laid off. I have seen us go years without raises. I have seen us give up vacation days to get a raise. I was ecstatic when we finally broke away from our old union OE3 (Operation Engineers Local 3) to our current law firm. We went from being represented by ditch diggers to attorneys.  Since making this move our association thrived, and we started climbing the ladder of success to where we are today. We did this with strong leadership and great foresight.  As a board member, I want to continue to provide the DSA with the strong leadership it needs. I accepted my current position with no personal agenda. I have told many people and will tell anyone willing to listen, I am not afraid to speak my mind to protect your rights. I am in the twilight of my career and have nothing to lose. I do not plan or want to promote and this position will not be a stepping stone for me. I have an excellent attendance record as a member of the DSA board and have not done anything sneaky or underhanded during my time representing you. I am not looking to advance a personal agenda. My goal is to be the buffer between the deputies I represent and the administration/county. I will fight for deputies and sergeants to have the safest working conditions possible. I will also make sure that you are well compensated for putting your asses on the line.  If re-elected I will continue to do so and make sure you are not bullied by the county and our administration. There are good people running for this position.  Two of them are Kevin Lewis and Tom Boyd. I support both of those candidates and I support Tom Matheny for President.  There are also people that I know should not be allowed on the DSA board because they have personal agendas and not the running for the betterment of the association. One such person has cost our association thousands of dollars and exposed us to even more liability.  In addition he bullied, belittled and threatened physical harm to our DSA employee. I think this person should not run for a position and should feel lucky they were not fired for their actions. In closing, it has been an honor and pleasure representing our membership in a strong and just manner. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard and fight any and all battles we face. I feel the best is yet to come. I know our association will make the right decision in this election.

Tom Boyd-Director at Large Candidate

Hello, my name is Tom Boyd, and I am running for the DSA Board, Member at Large. I’d like to start by giving you a little background about my career.  I’ve been a sworn member of the DSA for over 12 years, recently promoting to the rank of acting sergeant. I am currently assigned to the Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility on C-team. As a Deputy Sheriff, I was assigned to Santa Rita Jail, Eden Township Substation, Tri Valley Substation, DUI/Motor Unit and the Marine Patrol Unit. I have also been a member of the Special Response Unit for the last seven years. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is a huge part of my life.I’ve decided to run to be a member of the DSA as a member at large for one reason and one reason only, to serve the membership and the best interest of all Deputy Sheriffs serving Alameda County. There has never been a time more critical to those in our line of work as there is today. The level of scrutiny as to how we perform our duties is unprecedented in the public, the media and the legal system today. We need to be prepared to defend our members in the face of these and other unforeseen challenges.We are facing a contract in the very near future that will likely decide the fate of how we as Deputy Sheriffs live our lives and how we retire. Heath care, benefits, salary and comp time will all be on the negotiation table and will all be attacked. These issues all have a direct and powerful impact on our livelihoods. Although some of our membership is nearing retirement, we have many young Deputies with more than 20 years ahead of them and we need to ensure they are protected throughout their long careers.We need a strong dedicated DSA board to meet the challenges that face us now more than ever. I know how much of my own time I will have to dedicate to this endeavor, but the well-being of our brothers and sisters is well worth the sacrifice. I realize this position can be highly political, but with a level head, diligent preparation and sound negotiation techniques, I know we can be successful.  I pledge to you, that should I be elected, I will fight for you, your families and for our future as Deputy Sheriffs. I appreciate your time. 

Thank you,

Tom Boyd


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Memorial Fund for Deputy Khin's Family

It is with great sadness we report the death of Deputy Sheriff Sroeuy Khin, who died today in a tragic vehicle accident.About 7:10 AM, Deputy Khin was traveling eastbound I-580 just past Grantline Road in Tracy, CA when his vehicle was struck to the rear by a large commercial charter bus. Deputy Khin had just finished an overtime shift at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA and was commuting home to the Central Valley.CHP- Dublin responded to the scene...
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The Pain Behind The Badge Seminar

The Pain Behind The Badge SeminarHosted by DSA of Alameda County Monday June 12, 2017 0800hrs…Join us for an emotional & motivational day addressing the bi-products of police stress that when ignored, can & quite often do, result in suicide & tension with your loved ones. This training is also designed with spouses/significant others in mind…they are encouraged to attend as well!We will address Depression/PTSD/Cumulative Stress, Progr...
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Memorial Fund

Memorial Fund
We have established an account under the DSA of Alameda County Charitable Foundation for the benefit the family of Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley at the SF Police Credit Union.Contributions may take place in person at a local branch, mail or electronically utilizing account #1387350 S5 Michael Foley Memorial Fund.Please forward contributions to SFPCU via mail or electronically:ACSO DSA Charitable Foundation for Michael Foley Memorial Fund2550 Irvin...
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Former Deputy Oskar Reyes

A memorial fund for former Deputy Oskar Reyes has been established keep his friends, family, loved ones and colleagues from ACSO and Newark PD in your thoughts & prayers during this difficult time. 
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